CNC Cutting

CNC Trio

CNC Cutting & Machining

Precision. Speed. Repeatablilty. The three essentials when rolling out large projects that need to be deliver right, and on time.

2001 saw the installation of our first CNC router… now we have 3 machines. We have 2 machines that are capable of cutting 3m x 2m in size, and one that can cut over 4m x 2m… with automatic tool changers, multiple processes can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

For any run of panels where accuracy is essential (ie – more than one), we will always CNC cut. It does add a small premium to the cost of the panels, due to the extra care and attention required, but we feel it’s worth it as opposed to cutting on a panel saw. We don’t waste material this way, and panels aren’t rejected for being out of tolerance. It’s worth the effort for peace of mind.

Cutting, grooving, inlaying… machining pockets for components to slot together accurately and tightly with perfect alignment, for the best finish possible.

Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Aluminium Composites, Timber derived sheet materials and aluminium, all cut cleanly and precisely, from your supplied files. All nested and optimised to maximise yield, and minimise waste.

We make literally hundreds of Dibond trays CNC cut and grooved, then folded. These can be assembled in long runs to create fascias with impact, for relatively low cost. These can be stencil cut, with push-through acrylic lettering, and can be supplied with back-trays or fitting angles, dependent on application. We can paint them, or laminate with self coloured vinyl, or printed graphics – the options are endless.

We always use 0.3mm skin Dibond for these – it’s the only grade we’ll use, as we find it superior, and as of yet, we’ve not had a single failure. Testament to our insistence on using the right product for the job.