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  • You and your data... privacy statement

    GDPR - in laymans' terms.


    A lot has been said lately about GDPR, and privacy of data... To address this, here is a summary of the steps we take in handling yours....


    Signforce Ltd does not undertake mass-marketing campaigns, other than our presence on, google, our website and Facebook page.


    The company does not hold or gather up any customer data purely for marketing purposes, has no intention of doing so, and if someone contacts you claiming to be from this company and trying to sell you something you didn't ask for, they are telling porky-pies.


    Customer data consists of company names and addresses held on our accounting system, which is a legal requirement for businesses for tax purposes, to record transactions (HMRC get stroppy if you don't). Contact names and phone numbers are stored along with this data, so we can get in touch with you, to tell you that your order is ready (often sooner than we originally said).


    Emails from customers are archived regularly, and held, mainly as the information is pertinent to ongoing work and is a useful way to search for previous jobs where repeats are required, and you've  forgotten what it was printed on (and have since lost the artwork).


    Email addresses are NOT harvested and held separately: there is no database of email addresses and no intention to create one, other than the MailChimp mailing list (which is not stored on our servers), that we use to send out promotions from - this is a list that recipients have to opt into, and can freely opt out of at any point (you can sign up at the foot of this page).


    Customer addresses are retained, so we know where to send stuff to, in which case a copy of the invoice will be in the accounting records for the year. As we don't sell online, other than through eBay, we don't receive payment data electronically, so we don't have it to store anyway.


    Any payments made to us via eBay, are through Paypal, so your account data is their responsibility.


    We do make payments to suppliers online, and therefore, the online portal of our bank does store account details that you as a supplier have provided. We can delete them, at your request, but it means that if we owe you money, you won't get paid.


    If anyone has concerns regarding their data held by Signforce Ltd , we can be contacted by email, telephone or in writing and will disclose on request all the information the company holds about you. If you wish your data (including emails) to be deleted, please contact us.


    Thank you.

  • Easter Opening Hours

    After a cracking start to the year, we're ready for a break...


    Three months of hard graft already behind us, were all ready for a well deserved break...


    We will be closed Friday 30th March through to Tuesday 3rd April, when we'll be back on it...


    Happy Easter!


    Another successful year has come and gone...


    On behalf of everyone here at Signforce, we'd like to extend our best wishes to everyone, and say a big thank you to all our lovely customers. It's your faith in us, that makes us the success we have become.


    We will be closing at lunchtime on Friday 22nd December, and will return to work, bright eyed, and bushy-tailed on Tuesday 2nd January, at 8.00am.


    Enjoy the Holiday!!



    In leiu of cards and gifts this year, we will be donating directly to

    Mesothelioma UK, a charity close to our hearts.


    If you wish to join us in making a donation, please click the following link.




  • That time of year again...

    Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


    Our acrylic workshop have been as busy as Santa's little helpers, creating this bespoke festive centrepiece for our reception area.


    Designed and fabricated in-house, it showcases the materials, talent and imagination we have become known for.


    Also designed with no fixings, the slot-together display is totally de-mountable  for packing away until next year.



    5 year polymeric vinyl with Solvent Adhesive,

    with Matching Overlaminate.


    1 x 50m roll of

    Metamark MD-i

    MD-i-100 White Gloss Film


    1 x 50m roll of EITHER

    MetaGuard MD-i Matt or Gloss

    MG-i-005  Gloss Overlaminate

    MG-i-002 Matt Overlaminate


    £230 in 1370mm width

    £269 in 1600mm width

    all prices exclude VAT & delivery.


    Offer valid from 1st - 30th November 2017, for orders placed in NR and IP postcodes only.


    to order:


    Call 01603 411573

  • Bigger and Better...

    Bigger, and Better...


    Our newest arrival is  a 4m x 2m Multicam 1000 series router, recently purchased, to sit alongside our existing 3m x 2m Pacer 3000HD, and our Pirahna PCJM2030-3.


    Designed as a heavy-duty, high precision machine, we will be able to offer even larger format cutting, from a wide range of materials, as well as increased capacity to allow us cope with our increasing workload, without compromising the turnaround times we are well-known for.


  • Alain Watts - Obituary...

    Goodbye to our Chairman and co-founder.


    23rd January 2016


    It is with heavy hearts, that we said goodbye to our co-founder and Chairman, Alain Watts, who passed away peacefully after a long and hard-fought battle against Cancer, on 22nd January, 2016.


    An Artist, Craftsman, Thinker, but above all a loving Husband, doting Father and adoring Grandfather.


    Unique and irreplaceable. We’ll never forget you.



    In order to raise funds for Mesothelioma UK,

    we have set up a justgiving page in Alain's memory...


    You can visit the site below to make a donation towards raising awareness and

    much-needed funds to help future sufferers of the condition that claimed the life of someone we love so dearly...



  • Larger in Latex...

    Another addition to the Family...


    The latest addition to our print department has been recently installed and commissioned, and will allow us to offer both wider widths of print, and a greater variety of media choices.


    The HP L285000 latex printer allows us to offer print up to 2500mm wide, and the water-based latex technology will allow us to output to a wide range of fabrics and textile-based media, as well as the more common sign and display products.


    This machine offers high-speed and exceptional quality, and sits alongside our other 4 existing machines to offer high-capacity overall, but without compromising on quality.


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